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About Us

GoAutomateMD Is committed to bringing efficiencies and innovation to the healthcare industry. Through intelligent automation, integration, analysis and processing of industry standard healthcare technologies and data assets GoAutomate strives to make the optimization healthcare processes both cost effective and simple.

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About Us

Health Transformation Specialists.

When GoAutomateMD takes away tedious, repetitive tasks and processes, it provides more free time for everyone in the healthcare eco-system - physicians, clinicians, radiologists, and caregivers. This free time can now be spent taking care of patients, as opposed to working with technology

We know that the healthcare system is facing an unprecedented moment in history. Being able to eliminate time spent with technology or filling out paperwork is of critical importance to hospital staff.

At GoAutomateMD, we differentiate ourselves by offering to digitize and streamline inefficient processes – and we do it non-disruptively, by working with and integrating with existing technologies. This way, the organization does not lose any investments in existing technologies. In many cases, we operate so transparently that most of the staff won’t notice we’re there. For any staff that we do impact, our Business Analysts work with them closely to understand existing processes and how to best automate based on their feedback. All of our solutioning is configured to your environment.


Integration with Top Healthcare Services.


Operational Efficiency

Improve your Operational Efficiencies.

Automation of tedious, manual tasks via AI & machine learning to drive real efficiency gains amongst staff.


Digital Workflows

Digitizing Paper Based Workflows.

Eliminate paper-based processes, and leverage AI to capture information digitally. This greatly enhances and optimizes review processes, enabling staff more time to focus on patient care as opposed to technology. GoAutomateMD has built in leading edge Optical Character Recognition [OCR] technology to streamline processes.



Integration with existing hospital platforms.

GoAutomate MD integrates with existing HMR & HIS (Health Medical Record) systems like EPIC, Cerner, Meditech and PACS with no disruption.
Our activity catalog already has these integrations built-in to the platform - lengthy development time versus other platforms is reduced dramatically.



Ease of Installation & Minimal Learning Curve.

GoAutomateMD does not replace existing systems. We leverage and integrate with your existing systems innately, with minimal usage of third-party tools. Set up is easy, and integration with staff is just as easy – they may not even know it’s there, performing work in the background. This means no rip and replace of technologies, as well as minimal disruption to your staff.Leverage our reporting suite & in-dash analytics to find gaps or determine peak volumes
Hospitals today, and throughout the pandemic have a difficult time understanding peak volumes, when more staff is needed or when staffing levels can be reduced based on expected volume. GoAutomateMD predicts trends by looking at existing data and incorporating AI & machine learning. This can help hospitals save hundreds of thousands of dollars by anticipating required staffing levels.


Workforce Throughput Enhancement

Interoperability and Optimization.

Our primary objective is to promote interoperability among systems. We prioritize enhancing existing workflows rather than introducing additional tools and systems that would burden staff with more duplicate data entry tasks. 
Our focus lies in optimizing the existing infrastructure to deliver improved outcomes without adding unnecessary complexities and increasing staff efforts. We aim to be an End to End solution



Central Intake and Waitlist management.

Central intake systems play a pivotal role in optimizing processes within healthcare organizations. By centralizing intake procedures, these systems eliminate redundancy and ensure a consistent approach to handling client requests. The benefits include smoother workflows, faster response times, and efficient resource allocation.
Central intake systems allow organizations to:
Prioritize Tasks: With a centralized system, healthcare providers can allocate resources effectively and prioritize tasks based on urgency. This ensures timely assistance to patients.
Minimize Duplication: By avoiding redundant processes and manual interventions, central intake systems make better use of available resources. This leads to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
AI Integration: Leveraging AI models, such as load balancing heatmaps, ensures that referring doctors receive essential information. This enables them to make informed decisions and provide patients with the best possible care location.
In summary, central intake systems enhance healthcare delivery by streamlining processes, optimizing resource utilization, and facilitating informed decision-making for patient care.



AI Powered e-Protocol.

GoAutomateMD offers innovative solutions to streamline repetitive tasks, like reducing the burden of filling out protocol sheets by technologists and radiologists. This task, while essential, can be distracting for already overwhelmed staff. By leveraging a trained model for accurate predictions, our solution helps staff free up their time.



Flexible eReferral systems.

eReferrals play a crucial role in streamlining the transfer of patient data to and from hospitals and clinics. Flexibility is essential in such a system, where the solution provides practitioners with the ability to transmit eReferrals through a secure web portal or via existing EMR systems and email. Additionally, as fax communication remains prevalent, the system must continue to accept traditional forms of transmission to ensure widespread adoption.


Workforce Throughput Enhancement

AI Powered Workflows.

GoAutomateMD stands out as a robust automation and workflow engine, featuring built-in capabilities for process automation, interoperability, and seamless integration with various EMRs and HIS systems.
The AI engines and heatmap protocols within GoAutomateMD offer significant benefits:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables the conversion of non-digital documents into digital formats, enhancing accessibility and data management.
  • Our integration technologies eliminate data silos, facilitating data extraction and ingestion into other systems, resulting in a comprehensive and visible solution.
  • The heatmap technology not only helps providers determine where to send requisitions but also provides insights into hospital volumes and pressures. This information aids in effective load balancing, ensuring patients can choose locations based on convenience and availability.